How To Identify The Marketing Audience For Your Business

Finding the ideal marketing audience for your business is essential if you want an effective and reliable marketing strategy. You might be asking: What is the ideal marketing audience? Why should I bother? Won’t everyone respond to my message anyway, so isn’t it easier just to market to everyone?

These are good questions. If you’re not getting any customers then there is a problem with your ideal marketing audience. Every business is different and has different ways they work best, so I won’t tell you what that should be. Instead, I’ll give you some ideas on how to find the best marketing audience for your business.

Steps to Identifying Your Ideal Marketing Audience

You can solve your issues with marketing if you understand these two things:

  • Finding and identifying your target audience
  • Creating the right marketing message for that audience

Here’s how to do this:

Interact with your previous buyers and ask them why they bought a particular product from you and what motivates them.

Asking this question would help you ascertain what kind of buyers they are.

Types of Buyers in a Marketing Audience

Across all industries, buyers generally fall into these categories: The Masses or The Elites

Under the two categories the buyer patterns are further divided into

  • People who buy to solve urgent needs (these people buy necessities)
  • People who buy for pleasure (generally buy luxury or experiential products/services)

However, people buy for the reasons below:

  • Convenience
  • To do work faster and easier
  • Look good and attract members of the opposite sex
  • Be healthy

This is how it all comes together: to sell you need to target these reasons why people buy, to figure out these reasons you need to understand your target audience, to sell to your target audience you have to craft the right marketing message.

How To Craft A Marketing Message For Your Ideal Audience

You might be wondering what exactly is a marketing message?

A marketing message is basically how you communicate how your product/service will help the customer.

The vision of all marketing is to cause people (prospects) to take action – to give you details for Lead Generation or to buy from your business.

Hence your marketing message is how you communicate this to your prospect. When crafting your marketing message you want to ensure that it is strong (brilliant) and not weak.

Difference between Strong Marketing & Weak Marketing Message

Strong Marketing Messages

  • They are straight to the point.
  • They express clearly what’s important immediately to the prospect.
  • Use of plain and simple words

Weak marketing messages

  • Meanders and sound as if they could belong to any product or service.
  • Uses technical jargons.
  • No clear communication

Strong marketing messages resonates more with prospects, it instigates the actions you want as a business.

Examples of both Strong Marketing and Weak Marketing Messages in action.

Our software halves your manufacturing time to help deliver your products to customers quickly.

Strong Marketing

Our manufacturing enablement system built by our world-class engineers is designed to reduce your manufacturing time so you can efficiently deliver your products to your customers faster than ever.

Weak Marketing
Example of a strong marketing message
Image Credit: Good Marketing Examples

Customers don’t care about what you do, they care about you can do for them.

Harry Dry

How To Implement This To Find Your Ideal Marketing Audience

  • Reach out to your previous buyers and ask why they bought from you
  • Ask what motivates them
  • Craft a marketing message for your business that is clear and addresses a prospect’s reason to buy.
  • Refine it and start using

There you have it, you have figured out how to craft marketing messages for your business.

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