Ultimate Real Estate Video Marketing Guide

Video is a powerful tool for generating quality leads in real estate marketing. In this guide, we’ll examine how to create a video marketing strategy, the 5 best video marketing ideas for real estate professionals and how to share them with your audiences.

As selling real estate gets more competitive, videos offer a proven way to stand out from other realtors and helps you make connections with potential home sellers/buyers, and ultimately sell more properties.

The importance of videos in real estate marketing can’t be overestimated going by this report by the National Association of Realtors which states that 44% of home buyers start their search online, and 73% of sellers are more likely to list their home with an agent who uses video. 

Now that we have established the importance of videos in real estate marketing today, let’s see how to develop a video marketing strategy.

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Real Estate Business

Video marketing strategies aren’t new, as with everything in business you need a plan. Your content type, target audience budget, timelines, production processes, conversion metrics are the key elements in your video marketing strategy.

In planning your strategy, do the following:

Define your target audience and customer personas

A target audience refers to the group of people that is the focus of your marketing efforts whilst a customer persona is a fictional character that represents your ideal client. The persona should have a name occupation, location, and includes interests, needs, and goals.

  • Is your target audience first time home owners?
  • Family looking to move into a new and bigger home?
  • People looking to sell their homes before relocating?

You should first figure out who you want to reach before you create your content.

Consider who will be able to take action on it and make an informed decision about your listings. Don’t try to reach too broad an audience as this may limit the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in the long run.

Conduct research to understand the pain points of the target audience

Researching your target audience is key to ensuring that you are making them offers that resounds with them. Understanding the pain points of your target audience will guide you in crafting hard to refuse offers.

Brainstorm creative & compelling video ideas based on research findings

It’s important to have research-backed findings because they help you create videos that are authentic and relevant. 

To create a compelling video idea, you need a few key elements:

  • Idea – what will you talk about?
  • Narrative – what story do you want to tell with this video?
  • Target audience – who will watch this video? What are their goals & motivations?
  • What type of tone are you going for in this specific campaign?

We have addressed how to plan your video marketing strategy, the next step is implementation. What types of videos perform well in real estate marketing.

5 best video marketing ideas for real estate professionals

What are the best videos you can consider creating to get the attention of your prospects and have them booking a viewing with you in no time?

Neighbourhood tour video

What is the neighbourhood like is a question most people would ask when looking to buy or rent a new home. It’s better to show your prospects this rather than tell them, how best to do this through videos?

Neighbourhood tour video example

Another benefit of creating neighbourhood tour videos is to show potential homeowners the amenities that are available in the neighbourhoods that they’re considering. 

  • Does the area have good parking spaces
  • Playgrounds for kids
  • Is it close to shopping centres

Having such footage will help you convince prospects quickly and close the sale.

Animated promotional videos

Animations offer another way to market your offers or your brand.

Animated videos can also be useful when marketing an unfinished property. In this case, use a 3D animation to show the expected outcome of construction even before the first brick has been laid. 

An animated promotional video

Property Video Tours

Got a new listing on the market that you want to push. A property video tour is just the best type of video for this.

Supplement the photographs of the property with a video, this gives the audience a better view of how it looks.

Best tips for Property Video tours

  • Get professional help to ensure high quality footage and with good sound
  • Use captions in the video to bring the main features of the property to life or simply use a narrator.
  • Stage the space, remove pictures of the homeowners.

Share a video with helpful tips

You are the real estate expert, what’s the most pressing challenges for homebuyers? In your video marketing strategy make this a part of your content plan.

Your helpful tips video can contain insights to the following:

  • What are the pros and cons of buying properties in a particular neighbourhood
  • Inform clients of the paperwork involved in financing a mortgage in Malta
  • Which are the mortgage friendly banks in Malta
  • What is the best approach to take when renovating 

Creating and sharing this type of content projects an attitude of care for your prospects and helps build trust.

Client testimonials video content

This is one of the most important tips you will find in this guide. Buyers are always going to check reviews online before approaching your company. 

Sharing user reviews of satisfied clients have the possibility to increase sales considerably.

If you haven’t been asking clients to share user reviews here is why you should start it:

  • It improves brand credibility
  • It increases confidence in potential clients and increases stimulation to buy

This video from Todd Riccio Real Estate is a good example

Applying these video marketing ideas can help you sell both ready and unfinished properties, as well as position you as an authority figure in the industry.

Where should real estate videos be posted?

Part of your real estate video marketing strategy is understanding where your audience hangs out. This will guide where you should share your content.

However, there are obvious platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and ever-growing TikTok. The key is to adapt your content for the type of platform.

For example, on YouTube, you can share in-depth videos of your listings.

On Instagram, you can highlight the best angles of the house or show footage of cool activities in the pool, or interior decoration of the house

Pinterest is also a widely used platform and here you can share tips on how you will design the property and add a link to a YouTube video or Instagram post.

Videos are effective in promoting your listings and close more deals. 

Want to strengthen your real estate marketing strategy with quality content? contact [email protected] for digital marketing services that will leave a lasting impression on your prospects.

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